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Shorten your URL for free


This is a URL forwarding service that will redirect a short URL, simple and easy to remember, to a long and complicated one.

This service is quick and free. Enter or paste in the field below a long URL and click "Submit". It will be stored in a database and when someone will visit the short URL, the browser will be automatically redirected to your URL




Shorten a text message


Many times it takes to send a long message but you can not enter more than a limited number of characters. This application quickly saves your text in the database and generates a short url to be able to access this text.

The service can be used if you wish to send messages longer than 144 characters on Twitter or other websites that truncate the message or even on SMS messages.




Create free online catalogs with your photos


This free service allows you to upload images and create online catalogs with these images. You can see those images using a short URL generated after the uploading process.

You can create catalogs by selecting "Make a catalog with your pictures" (from "Options" menu) and entering a title for your catalog.

Each catalog have a catalog id. You can access the entire catalog using URL

If you want to create a new catalog, do not refresh the page. In case you refresh, you can enter the old catalog id to continue to add pictures to this catalog.

The pictures stored are resampled with the maximum resolution of 1920x1080.




Delete an item


Item code or URL:


Translate webpage


URL to translate:
Translate from: Translate into:


QR code generator


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You can set some options such as: email address so we can send you the registration data, period of time or number of clicks as your item is kept in our database, privacy settings and if you want to accomplish an online catalog with your stored pictures.

For faster usage of the site, you can choose not to set any option.

Default settings are:

  • blank email address
  • your item will never expires (lasts forever)
  • your item will not be published in our webpage
  • your item is not part of a catalog (just for pictures and QR codes)


Send me the tiny URL by email

Email address:

Keep your item for a specific period of time or number of clicks:

Your item will be stored permanently.

Your item will be stored just for days.

Your item will be stored just for clicks.

Your item will be stored until

Privacy settings:

Your item will be accesible just by its tiny URL.

Your item will be visible for everyone and will be indexed by search engines.

Catalog creation (pictures and QR codes only):

Catalog Id:

Make a catalog with your images.

Catalog title: